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The dashboard has been designed to give the user a brief overview of their well-being presented in an easy­ to-grasp, visually appealing manner.

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HEX™ is a research-based tool that combines images, words, and symbols to enable learning and creative collaboration.

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Positive psychology in a nutshell: the science of optimal functioning

Positive psychology is a science of positive aspects of human life, such well-being, psychology of happiness, flow, personal strengths, wisdom, creativity, imagination and characteristics of positive groups and...

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Positive leadership

How can we develop effective teams, in which the commitment, the meaning and tangible results outweigh the stress? How to enable professionals to confidently deploy their strengths and their potential for innovation? How...

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Positive enterprise

Can economic performance be improved through leveraging psychological performance? What does the science say about the well-being of people at work? Advances in positive organizational scholarship and positive...

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Building resilience and psychological capital

Resilience is rapidly emerging as the cornerstone of current management practices. Continuing recession, increased competition as a result of globalisation and outsourcing, major demographic changes (generation Y,...

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Character strengths and employee engagement

Current management literature suggests that one of the best, if not the best, ways to achieve employee engagement is through recruiting, training and developing for strengths. A strength is conceptualised as...

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Positive psychology coaching

In what way can coaches usefully incorporate positive psychology into their practice? How can a business coach frame the validated positive psychology interventions in a context that is appropriate for a corporate client...

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From time management to time affluence

Time is an important issue for most people especially in the West. We spend it, we save it, we lose it, we waste it, we run out of it, we never have enough of it. The European Quality of Life Survey reveals a strong...

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Creativity and innovation for the world of complexity

Today’s problems often require unorthodox, creative solutions. Creativity is within each one of us, yet, for the majority, it is not the resource we tap into sufficiently. Unfortunately, the complexity of modern...

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Psychology of Positive Transformation

POSITRAN creates psychological tools grounded in research and  develops applied training programs to optimise well-being, engagement and  performance of individuals and groups.




Dr Ilona Boniwell heads the International MSc in Applied Positive Psychology(I-MAPP) at Anglia Ruskin University (UK and France). She also teaches positive management at l’Ecole Centrale Paris and HEC Business School, as well as consults businesses and educational institutions around the globe as a Director of Positran, a boutique consultancy dedicated to achieving transformation through positive psychology. Dr Boniwell wrote or edited six books and multiple scientific articles, delivered over 150 keynotes and invited presentations, founded the European Network of Positive Psychology, organised the first European Congress of Positive Psychology (2002) and was the first vice-chair of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). She is a current monthly columnist and blogger for the Psychologies UK and Russia... read more