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Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (I-MAPP)

Professor Martin Seligman, Ilona and students of Master MAPP


Anglia Ruskin University has launched a new Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) through blended learning, the latest innovation in the field. No longer limited to one place, fixed duration or « one size fits all », this new programme provides a large selection of post-graduate modules in applied positive psychology in two world- leading learning centres – Cambridge and Paris- allowing for personalised study programmes for busy professional clients. This is the first positive psychology programme in the world that offers students the possibility to choose their specialisation from fifteen available modules according to their previous educational experience and their professional profile.

Specialisation is possible in the following subjects : 

  • Positive psychology, coaching and training
  • Positive education
  • Positive organisation
  • Positive society
  • Positive performance


The intensive study modules can be followed in the same or different geographical locations, in the centre of Paris and/or Cambridge (all in English) over one, two or three years.

For further information visit www.anglia.ac.uk/imapp or contact the programme leader: Dr Ilona Boniwell (i.boniwell@positran.fr) if you have other questions.


Student comments


« Your lessons have been among the most meaningful during my whole personal and professional life (and I am not the only one in the group to have said this during the Positive Leadership module »).

« The teacher’s credibility is outstanding. Ilona is excellent and we are fortunate to have such a knowledgeable tutor in her field. Ilona challenged us to set ourselves ambitious goals and led us to achieve excellence. And we know how rare this is ».


« Just to say thank you for a wonderful learning experience over the past week. It’s the most enjoyable and enriching learning experience in my learning journey.  Honestly, I did feel stretched, given, expressing thoughts and emotions is not my strength. Nevertheless, I do experience  tremendous personal growth in the process – thank you. In fact,  the entire course has been fantastic.  You and other teachers have instilled in me the love of learning Positive Psychology and the motivation to continue learning. I love this approach. It’s more powerful than the traditional emphasis on the snap-shot evaluation. Once again, thank you. »