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Tailor-made consultancy to companies for well-being at work


Do you want to assist your staff in their professional development to achieve strategic objectives and develop a positive atmosphere within your company?

Positran provides tailor-made consultancy to companies to implement their training programmes or their strategy around well-being at work in order to assist towards the transformation of individuals through positive psychology.

As part of their human resources development companies may be interested in these topics suggested (non-exhaustive list):



  • Positive company
  • Positive management
  • Resilience
  • Strengths and their uses
  • Motivation
  • Time
  • Creativity
  • Positive psychology
  • Well-being at work and psycho-social risks


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A few examples of missions carried out in companies



Seminar « Talent Development programme » for the group’s high potential executives.
Conference-workshop: Positive Leadership
Workshops: Co-development

Annual seminar of the group’s international managers
Conference-workshop: Resilience and Leadership

Annual seminar of the group’s international managers
Conference: Positive Leadership 

Conference on Positive Psychology in Business
for the inner layers and talent development teams

Conference workshop: Positive Leadership 
Senior management teams

Human Resources Seminar « Well-being Strategy »
Development of an « Employee well-being » programme

Theme parks company in the United Kingdom
Development of the « perfect holidays » formula

Design of the on-line training programme on well-being during the year « Year of well-being Alpro Soya »

Life-long training for coaches, Human Resource Managers, trainers, Singapore and Japan
Twice-yearly: workshops on Resilience at work, Positive Psychology Coaching and Positive Job Crafting

International Management Seminar
Learning positive psychology in order to increase resilience and performance in situations of increased competition.




A range of potential clients


We have a wide range of customers who seek advice from a professional expert in the field of positive psychology. This could be local or national government, educational staff, agencies or public relation companies.

A few examples from Ilona Boniwell’s favourite international consultation projects either completed or on-going. For further examples please refer to Ilona’s CV:


  • The Royal Government of Bhutan: Management of the group project of international experts in well-being on the recommendations of public policies for the development of the paradigm of development based on well-being at the request of the Royal Government of Bhutan and of the United Nations. 


  • Newham Primary Care Trust, United Kingdom: The development, implementation and empirical validation of the SPARK resilience programme in order to improve the capacity for resilience and school performance of participating children. The programme was implemented within several schools in East London, as both a general and targeted intervention. 


  • Haberdasher’s Aske’s Academies Federation, United Kingdom: the development of a complete well-being programme for primary and secondary schools for the Federation in collaboration with teaching staff. This universal programme was designed for all pupils from the first to the ninth year of school, targeting positive emotions, flow, resilience, positive relations and meaning. 


  • Northamptonshire Primary Care Trust, United Kingdom: Initiative for Flourishing in neighbourhoods. Research, advice, training and steering for key professionals of the NHS (Social security organisation in the United Kingdom) in order to increase the county’s well-being and integrate a well-being approach into the implementation of services and their achievement. The project was undertaken in collaboration with the Centre for Well-Being of Nef (the principle partner).


  • South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom : Research to evaluate the DIY Happiness Project which aims to improve the health and well-being of individuals and of the community through examining new ways of  promoting positive mental health from a whole community’s perspective and encouraging people to explore what « subjective well-being » or happiness means for them. 


  • Harrow Police and the Young Foundation. United Kingdom: Development of an Emotional Resilience programme « Face Up » for teenagers and training of support staff (educators, police officers) as part of this programme’s implementation. 


  • Consultancy companies such as: L’Oréal, Sanofi, Bull…