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Turning New Year's resolutions into reality
2019 is just around the corner! Have you already made your list of New Year's resolutions? Find out how to keep them...
Written by : the 21/12/2018
From time management to time that delights
Four generations fo time management - the lack of time still makes us trouble - Wouldn't we need a 5th generation of time management to help us finding more satisfaction with our time?
Written by : the 22/11/2018
Gratitude - a new school subject ?
Being thankful for the essential in life
Written by : the 30/10/2018
Thanks, Guilt !
Guilt, an opportunity to grow.
Written by : the 25/04/2018
Happiness lies in nature - Why reconnecting to nature is key
Part one of the nature connectedness series.
Written by : the 19/04/2018
The rentree blues
Does The Rentree Blues sound familiar?. I have many clients who feel disorientated and ‘blown off course’ at the moment. The Summer has been amazing, a blissful break from the routine and...
Written by : Positran the 14/09/2016
Creating excellence
Join us for a breakfast briefing, June 8th and discover how to use positive psychology in the workplace.
Written by : Positran the 26/05/2016
Are French workers engaged?
According to the 2016 Gallup Poll of Working Population, for example, engagement levels in France stand at a lacklustre 7%, with levels in the UK packing almost twice the punch at 13%.
Written by : Positran the 25/04/2016
What’s your story?
Is storytelling, and it’s close relation content, the most effective way communicate?
Written by : Positran the 06/01/2016
Happy christmas
"I am dreaming of a lovely family Christmas, and I don’t mind if is white or grey" by Ilona Boniwell, our expert on family, who lives with her husband, their baby and four teenagers from their previous marriages.
Written by : Positran the 24/12/2015
Teaching Happiness Skills at School
Last keynote to the Global Educational Leadership Conference in Singapore, speaking to 600 principals of primary and secondary schools, my talk was a call to highlight the importance of well-being and resilience of children in the educational environments already sufficiently focused on academic achievement.
Written by : Positran the 09/12/2015
Speaker to The Dutch Association of Psychologists for The future of work
Today, at the Dutch association of Psychologists (Netherland Institute van Psychologen) we discusses about the future at work. What role does happiness play at work? What about engagement?
Written by : Positran the 10/11/2015
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