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Ilona has written multiple articles and gave interviews for wide audience reach, including those published in The Figaro, Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times, TES, Guardian, Observer, New Statesman, Psychologies, Top Sante, Cosmopolitan and The Straits Times (Singapore), as well as professional publications.



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Ilona Boniwell is the author and editor of 6 books. Her first bestselling book, Positive Psychology in a Nutshell, has been translated into many languages. She is also the author of multiple popular articles, scholarly papers and educational materials.



1. Pluess, M., Boniwell, I., Hefferon, K., & Tunariu, A. (under review). Evaluation of a school-based resilience-promoting intervention in a high-risk population in England: A controlled mixed methods trial.


2. Boniwell, I., Osin, E., Renton, A. (under review). Internet access at home and its relationship to well-being in deprived areas of London.


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5. Elston, F., & Boniwell, I. (2011). A grounded theory study of the value derived by women in financial services through a coaching intervention to help them identify their strengths and practise using them in the workplace. International Coaching Psychology Review, 6(1), 16-32.


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15. Boniwell, I., & Leaf, S. (2001/2). Review of new developments in positive psychology, Consciousness and Experiential Psychology, 7.


16. Internet Access at Home and its Relationship to Well-being in Deprived Areas of London. The Open Psychology Journal, 2015. Ilona Boniwell, Evgeny N. Osin, Adrian Renton.




Non English speaking international collaborations




Ilona has also worked with the Russian edition of the magazine Psychology and is now a columnist.

She writes a monthly column titled: Family Saga Ilona Boniwell: Five Children, Parents Not counting.

Also read some examples of his oldest items on time and happiness, all in Russian, of course.



Ilona was the main consultant of a Japanese chain (NHK TV), equivalent to TF1 in Japan, on the theme of resilience.

A video report was shot that deals with the theme of resilience in Japanese society gradually implemented in schools and businesses. In Japan, this concept is new and the awareness of the existence of resilience is just hatching. In addition, the Positive Psychology School of Singapore is being implemented in the SPARK program, developed by Ilona in Japanese schools.
The television program "resilience" of 30 minutes duration was presented April 17 and audience ratings reached 11% which is a huge success and provides hope for the future resilience in Japan.
You can see a summary by clicking on the following link http://www.nhk.or.jp/gendai/kiroku/detail02_3486_all.html




Dr Ilona Boniwell on BBC Happiness Formula

Dr Ilona Boniwell sur BBC Happiness Formula



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