Have fun, build skills.

Help your children to develop skills for lasting happiness AND build positive climate in your family or in the classroom using validated positive psychology interventions.

Based on the latest research and practice of positive psychology, these funky cards can be used to play three different games, from more traditional "Happy Families" or "Go Fish" to facilitating daily actions that contribute to a positive mindset, such as mindfulness, savouring, expressing positive emotions, realising one’s strengths or acquiring confidence and optimism. The Happiness Box can be used with various age groups, in different contexts and applied to varied needs. It consists of 42 cards, divided into 7 families of 6 cards each. Children can learn strategies from members of the CONFIDENT, FIT, OPTIMISTIC, PLEASURE, CREATIVE, SOCIABLE or PEACEFUL families.

The Happiness Box was developed by Dr Ilona Boniwell, a researcher and practitioner in positive psychology and Laure Reynaud, a teacher with 18 years of experience

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