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HEX™ cards

HEX™ is a research-based tool that combines images, words, and symbols to enable learning and creative collaboration. Through narratives that explore deeper meaning, the use of HEX™ helps the facilitator, leader, teacher and many others accelerate insights and learning related to positive psychology, goal setting, and creativity. HEX™ is appropriate for children, teens and adults.

HEX™ consists of:
200 cards
  • 105 images
  • 78 words
  • 17 symbols
Printable eBook detailing:
  • The science behind HEX™, including notes on positivepsychology and the use of narratives
  • The Hands On Thinking™ (HOT) method
  • Getting started with HEX™ with checklists and preparation guides
10 Printable step-by- step HEX™ guides to get you started is here.

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