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Positive Psychology in a Nutshell: The Science of Happiness

A concise but comprehensive introduction to the science of happiness for an intelligent lay reader. Written in an accessible and engaging style with light-hearted illustrations, it offers many tips and tools for everyday living. Most of the topics of positive psychology are included – including happiness, positive emotions, strengths, hope, love, optimism, flow – as well as those not always covered, such as eudaimonic well-being, time, freedom of choice and meaning. In the last edition you will find an updated section on Internet resources, a new chapter on happiness interventions, as well as recommendations for further reading. This book is translated into French, Russian and Chinese.

“Refreshing and highly readable, this book combines serious scholarship with humour, candour and tips for living. A splendid foundation for the emerging science of positive psychology. It gets my whole-hearted endorsement.” – Professor Felicia Huppert, University of Cambridge“Positive Psychology in a Nutshell is a comprehensive, user friendly, thoughtful introduction and critique of the field. Simply put, it is the best overview out there that can be read in a couple of sittings. Those with no psychology background find it fascinating and informative; those with serious credentials find it to be a credible overview and critique of the field.” – Dr Carol Kauffman, Co-founder and Director of the Coaching and Positive Psychology Initiative, Harvard Medical School, USA.


"The best general introduction to positive pscychology available."

Dr Alex Linley, University of Leicester, UK


"Dr Ilona Boniwell is recognized as Europe’s leading researcher, innovator and thinker in the expanding world of positive psychology. Positive Psychology in a Nutshell offers something for everyone with an interest in discovering how to live optimally. This brilliant little book is packed with scientific evidence identifying the key ingredients that help to create a happy life. Read it and learn how to change yours for the better."
Dr Cecilia d'Felice, Consultant Psychologist, Author and Columnist for The Times and The Metro


"Positive Psychology in a Nutshell is a little gem of a book, beautifully and engagingly written, and having the marks of a cogent teacher who has mastered the contemporary structure, bounds and outreach of her field. This is a 'must read', and a welcome antidote for all those engaged in the caring professions."
Richard Whitfield, Human Development Specialist, Educator, Poet and Chairman of Trustees of the Face-to-Face Trust


"As good an introduction to positive psychology as you can read. A must-read book for all those involved in the education and health industries."
Dr Anthony Seldon, Master, Wellington College, Berkshire, UK


 Positive Psychology in a Nutshell is in its 3rd edition and has been translated to many languages including Russian and French.

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