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Feeling bodies emotion magnets

20 Figures illustrating emotions!


The Feeling Bodies emotion magnets are a set of figures illustrating emotions that come printed on magnets. These magnets can be used on any magnetic surface in classrooms or in therapists offices.

You can use these feeling bodies in your coaching practices or for children education. They serve as a safe an non-intrusive way to express emotions, leading to powerful communication and enlightening conversations. It's also a good tool which can help you to recognize different emotions in body postures.

Each set contains :

  • 20 EXPRESSIVE FIGURES on magnets that illustrate a wide range of emotions in a non-stereotypical and neutral way. 
  • 6 EMOTION CATEGORIES color-coded to guide you to understand the different core emotions we all experience.
  • A BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED GUIDE that provides key insights about emotions. 

Feeling Bodies can be used to...

Identify how you are feeling. Pick the figures that best match your feelings in the moment. Accept your feelings. What experiences, thoughts or beliefs may bring these feelings?

Discover what you would like to feel. Pick the figures expressing how you would like to feel. What thoughts and actions could you choose to help you feel that way?

Make conscious choices. Pick the figures to express how you would feel with each choice. How would you feel if you made this choice? Or another choice? How would you feel if you acted this way? Or that way?

Practice empathy. Put yourself in someone else's situation and pick the figures to best match how they might be feeling. What could they be feeling? What else might they be feeling?  

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