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How about taking some time to see the world from a different angle and be truly present in

every moment of your life? Would you like to take each of your experiences as it comes,

with open-mindedness, curiosity and self-compassion? Are you ready to allow yourself to

feel happiness, well-being and tranquillity from within?


Informed by multiple approaches to mindfulness practice and the science of positive

psychology, these 60 Mindfulness Cards use specially drawn aquarelle images and concise

instructions to initiate or enrich your mindfulness practice. These cards have been

specifically designed to support you along your mindful journey, from the introduction of

mindfulness to deeper and richer practices in your everyday life, by providing a varied and

complete toolbox with activities and practices for all types of people and degrees of mindful

experience. Amateurs of mindfulness, experienced professionals of this discipline and

mindfulness trainers and facilitators would all find something valuable in this treasure box.

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