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Positive leadership

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The positive leadership by positive psychology and work engagement


How can we develop effective teams, in which the commitment, the meaning and tangible results outweigh the stress? How to enable professionals to confidently deploy their strengths and their potential for innovation? How can we create an organisation that enables tangible positive development and inspires commitment in its employees?


Facing the challenges of global competition, mechanistic approaches to the development of organisations have their limits. To overcome these limits, organisations must identify and nurture new sources of creativity, autonomy and initiative in their teams. This is can be achieved by placing people at the center of the value creation process, a key issue in ‘Positive Leadership’, so that companies can hope to gain room for maneuvering and reduce the pressure on their employees.

Positive leadership is concerned with enabling effectiveness and exceptional managerial performance through application of research-based principles, such as identification of strengths, fostering virtuousness and facilitation of elevating factors, including optimism, engagement and well-being. Often, positive leadership is what leads to positively deviant performance. As such, it is characterised by strategies of positive climate, positive relationships, positive communication and positive meaning (Cameron, 2008).



Why choose this topic?


  • to enable managers to develop their positive leadership skills, to release their potential and their ability to innovate themselves and their teams in order to maximise work commitment, sense of well-being and operational effectiveness
  • to develop personal mastery by becoming more aware of strengths, positive emotions, foundations of motivation and commitment, and their relationships to well-being at work
  • to enable and practice the use of positive drivers to enable participants overcome current challenges



Written by Positran le 18/10/2015
Last updated 18/10/2015
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