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Positive company

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Positive company by positive psychology


Can economic performance be improved through leveraging psychological performance? What does science say about the well-being of people at work? Advances in positive organizational scholarship and positive organizational behavior have allowed us to study and demonstrate the strong relationship between well-being and performance, both on an individual and a collective level. These findings opened the way to a new business paradigm: the positive company, both socially and economically over-performing.

Human capital practices are a leading indicator of corporate financial performance. A 2005 Watson Wyatt study found the 5 year shareholder return for companies with strong human capital practices was nearly double that of companies with weak human capital practices (103% vs. 53%). The “intangible assets” can be ignored no longer – today, more than ever, it is true to say that organisations explicitly placing the human in the focus point have a higher competitive advantage than those who do not.



Why choose this topic?


  • to discover the new paradigm of the positive company, focusing both on the economic and social performance
  • to align your organisation, your team or yourself with this new paradigm
  • to ignite both social and economical positive transformation in your organisation
  • to examine and question the scientific validity of the paradigm
  • to explore different transformation tools and the best human capital practices within this paradigm
  • to design and road-test some novel practices



Written by Positran le 18/10/2015
Last updated 18/10/2015
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