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Construct resilience and psychological capital

conférence positran résilience et capital psychologue

Positive psychology tools: learn resilience daily


Resilience is rapidly emerging as the cornerstone of current management practices. Continuing recession, increased competition as a result of globalisation and outsourcing, major demographic changes (generation Y, ageing workforce, etc.), problems of knowledge management and retention are only some of the daily problems facing businesses today. Another tough challenge is work related stress and consequent absenteeism. Millions of pounds are lost every year in France alone for this reason. We propose a fresh evidence-based approach to developing resilience and optimism skills, essential in combating ever-increasing stress.


Certain psychological characteristics such as hope, optimism and resilience increase our ability to effectively deal with problems, whilst the experience of positive emotions allows us to broaden our thinking and be creative in the face of a challenge. To what degree is it beneficial to have a positive, optimistic, or hopeful outlook? Why, and in which ways do optimism and hope confer their beneficial effects? Does being optimistic and hopeful help us also to be more resilient? Can resilience be taught? Contrary to many popular claims stating that resilience is something you either do or do not have, research is unanimous on the fact that resilience is something that can be developed through systematically applying evidence-based techniques (e.g. Seligman, 1998)



Why choose this topic?


  • to understand how resilience, hope and optimism interact and affect each other
  • to explore the role of cognition and thinking styles in our experience of resilience
  • to improve one’s crisis coping strategies and the quality of decision-making under stress
  • to develop one’s ability to thrive and flourish (rather than just survive) in the face of inevitable difficulties and uncertainties
Written by Positran le 18/10/2015
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