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Positive psychology coaching

conférence positran coaching en psychologie positive

Integrate Positive Psychology tools into your practices as a coach, manager, leader ...



In what way can coaches usefully incorporate positive psychology into their practices? How can a business coach frame validated positive psychology interventions in a context that is appropriate for a corporate client? What new practices can positive psychology offer to an already experienced coach?



In recent years, a highly successful partnership was formed between coaching and positive psychology, otherwise known as the science of well-being and happiness. Both coaching and positive psychology are natural allies in sharing an explicit concern with the enhancement of optimal functioning and well-being, challenging traditional assumptions about human nature and arguing for a strengths rather than deficiency-based approach to performance improvement. Both claim that attention should be redirected from ‘fixing’ the client, or looking for signs of pathology (which may be framed as a job of therapists), to finding what is right with the person and working on enhancing it. Judging by the number of papers in coaching journals and keynotes in coaching conferences, positive psychology has become an essential fixture in the coaching world. Frequently seen as a theoretical panacea on which a convincing explanation for coaching effectiveness can be based upon, positive psychology has indeed offered a number of theories and empirical studies considered useful by coaching professionals. However, despite these apparent successes, few practical positive psychology tools and models have been integrated into coaching practice. We believe that there are two reasons for it. First of all, apart from a limited number of validated interventions, few attempts have been made to “practicalise” positive psychology concepts. Secondly, some of the positive psychology interventions (e.g. “three blessings”, “gratitude visit”, etc) can be perceived by coaches as inappropriate for their business clients. The workshop aims to address the above reservations by discussing context appropriate ways to utilise existing positive psychology interventions, as well as introducing and practicing new positive psychology based tools and models developed specifically for coaching practice. Thus workshop will offer coaching practitioners a tangible ‘toolkit’ that enables them to translate concept to action in a ‘nuts and bolts’ way.


Why choose this topic?


  • to understand the principles of applying positive psychology to coaching
  • to develop a method for integrating these theories into your existing coaching approach
  • to recognise and develop your own coaching-related strengths
  • to learn and practice existing validated positive psychology interventions
  • ​to learn and test new positive psychology interventions and tools developed for coaching 




Ready to learn more?


Integrate Positive Psychology tools to practice your coach and manager following the Certifying training Coaching and Positive Psychology.



Written by Positran le 18/10/2015
Last updated 18/10/2015
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