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Time management revisited

conférence positran la gestion du temps revisitée

From time management to time affluence


Time is an important issue for most people especially in the West. We spend it, we save it, we lose it, we waste it, we run out of it, we never have enough of it.  The European Quality of Life Survey reveals a strong correlation between time use and subjective well-being, finding that people who had long work hours and poor work-life balance generally have low subjective well-being. In order to work longer hours, employees sacrifice: exercise (48%), time with partners (45%), social lives (42%), hobbies and entertainment (41%).

Yet, solutions to this problem are not necessarily straightforward. Time-use surveys indicate most increases in free time have been devoted to television viewing, associated with boredom, a low level of concentration, lack of clarity of thought, fewer social ties, lower sleep, higher obesity, and increase in upwards social comparison. Time management training has further limits, as research reveals that the majority of techniques focus mainly on changing one’s behaviour and do not ‘stick’. We will be learning and practicing psychological strategies for taking back the control of time, from balancing one’s time perspective to conquering time anxiety. The workshop will further include working on the essential components of time satisfaction, such as motivation, autonomy, responsibility and achieving harmony between one’s needs, goals and values.



Why choose this topic?


  • to explore our relationship with time from a psychological point of view
  • to discover the 5th generation of time management
  • to undertake assessment of one’s time perspective (ZTPI) and time use
  • to identify and challenge personal triggers of time poverty


Written by Positran le 18/10/2015
Last updated 18/10/2015
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