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Creativity and innovation for the world of complexity

conférence positran créativité et innovation pour le monde de la complexité

A positive psychology tool: improving creativity and innovation


Today’s problems often require unorthodox, creative solutions. Creativity is within each one of us, yet for the majority it's not a resource that we tap into sufficiently. Unfortunately, the complexity of modern organisations, the stakes, the necessary rigour of activities, the risk aversion, the shareholder pressure and educational hierarchy inhibit this ability more than often. This workshop offers a fresh approach to developing creativity and innovations skills, essential for superior performance.

Creative problem solving works by splitting thinking about a problem into a series of stages: problem exploration, idea generation and plan implementation, all of them with divergent and convergent stages. Taking real world problems as a reference, and working through these three phases, we will introduce various creativity techniques, such as: laddering, key phrasing, multiple redefinitions, springboards, rich picture, storyboards, cause and consequence maps, purge, provocations, reversal, analogies, scamper, bullet-proofing and many others.

Participants will be thrown into the world of “fuzzy” real-world problems through a series of challenging tasks that would require them to develop and test various creative solutions and consequently reflect on their own creativity.



Why choose this topic?


  • to understand the mechanisms of creativity and innovation
  • to learn and practice various creativity techniques
  • to understand the role of unconscious information processing and intuitive forms of knowing in dealing with “fuzzy” problems and ambiguous situations that do not have one “right” answer 
  • to challenge widespread assumptions about the differences between the left and the right sides of the brain – a creative brain works in an integrated fashion
Written by Positran le 18/10/2015
Last updated 18/10/2015
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