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ScholaVie is an adventure and a gamble, that of believing that the question of happiness at school is not taboo. Education is a right for a children; and what if we went further by claiming the right to a happy education?

Living happily at school and learning to live happy, it is both necessary and possible.

ScholaVie offers resources, tools and training tailored to the needs of their clients, in order to develop the welfare of children, adolescents, schools or families.







The School of Positive Psychology is the first school in Asia to promote the art, science and practice of Positive Psychology. Besides psychology-centric education and credentialing, it promotes research and training.

The school incorporates Positive Psychology into other branches of psychology as a skill to cultivate meaningful, fulfilling lives and enhance life experiences.








Partners are those amazing people and organisations that we love working with and that we've worked with in the past, often on a number of occasions.



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