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What’s your story?

Is storytelling, and it’s close relation content, the most effective way communicate?


Today, storytelling is seen as essential for connecting and communicating both internally and externally. It is becoming an integral part of success to effectively convey the story of your business – B to B, B to C, and to employees. A story shows the humanity of a business which engages followers and forges emotional bonds.


As stories are easy to remember, they are relayed to others much more readily than a list of dry bullet points.   A good story inspires, reassures and motivates clients and employees alike, as the story is retold. For 20,000 years or longer, humanity has driven forward with story-telling.   From the cave wall and campfire to the social media platform.   Internet gazing has taken over from gazing into the sunset! The plastic mouse is the new wooden club.


Self-proclaimed ‘neuroeconomist’ Paul J Zak’s research indicates that:

“People are substantially more motivated by their organisation’s transcendent purpose than by its transactional purpose”. In other words, clients are more moved by how a product/service improves their lives than how that same product/service is sold.

Within an organization a well crafted story can boost morale, bonding, motivation and a sense of purpose.   We not only assist organisations in finding their story but we facilitate plotting and sub-plotting the story of the organisations future. Thereby, exciting employees with their vision to get to a point where their work is more interesting leading to greater ownership and creativity.

Most importantly, a story/content must be aligned to the core values like the sap giving life to a tree.  All this without ‘Selling’ and only implied, or tacitly mentioning the brand.   Authenticity, or keeping it real, is another key point when over one hundred hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every minute and five hundred million tweets tweeted per day.

Embrace the digital story to capture clients and employee’s imagination…’a-ha!’…to enable a happy ending of giving people a reason to care about and trust you and your business.

Written by Positran le 06/01/2016
Last updated 06/01/2016
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