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Tiphanie Simard

Executive Assistant


Tiphanie Simard is the Executive Assistant at Positran. With 4 years of study in psychology, Tiphanie shows great consistency with her position in the field of Positive Psychology. She is herself in the process of being a Certified Expert Practitioner in Positive Psychology. In charge of the organization of all the different formations, all the travels and all the contracts, she is Positran's main speaker. With humor and benevolence, Tiphanie always finds suitable solutions for everybody.


Tiphanie's strengths :

   1. Learning,

   2. Adaptability,

   3. Empathy







Fields of intervention:

    - telephone contact,

    - contact and management of each client,

    - travel organization,

    - establishment of contracts / specifications / agreements,

    - sending shipments

Written by le 03/01/2018
Last updated 03/01/2018
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