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Non english international collaborations


Ilona has also worked with the russian edition of Psychologie Magazine, where she is now a columnist

She writes a monthly chronical name Ilona Boniwells' Family Saga : Five chrildren, not counting the parents.

Read a few examples of older articles on time and happiness, all in russian of course.







Ilona has been the main consultant of the japanese channel (NHK TV) the equivalent of  the BBC, on the subject of resilience.


A video report has been filmed treating on resilience in japanese society, slowly being put in place in scools and companies. In Japan, this is a new concept, and they jave just started to have consciousness of the existence of resilience. Moreover, the Positive Psychology school of Singapour is implementing the Spark program, made by Ilona, in japanese schools.
The 30 min TV program "Resilience" has aired le 17th of April and has obtaine TV ratings of 11%, which is a huge success and gives hope to the furtur of resilience in Japan.

You can consult the abstract here: http://www.nhk.or.jp/gendai/kiroku/detail02_3486_all.html

Written by le 05/01/2018
Last updated 05/01/2018
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