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Ilona Boniwell

General Manager, consultant, trainer

General manager of Positran, doctor in Psychology, with over 20 years of experience in the field of positive Psychology, Ilona Boniwell trains and assists companies and educational institutions around the world. Ilona created Positran in 2012 and was able to train and surround herself with experts in the field of positive psychology to conquer France.


Ilonas' Strengths :

           1. Love of Learning

           2. Explanation

           3. Creativity


Fields of intervention : Every theme in the positive psychology roster


Other activites :

           -Director of I-MAPP Master at Anglia Ruskin University

           - Co-founder of ScholaVie

           - Teacher at Ecole Centrale Paris, HEC Paris and University of Grenoble Alpes


Ilona Boniwell's Resume


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