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Lucy Airs

Trainer and Coach


Lucy Airs is a Trainer and Certified Coach in Positive Psychology and Positive Education, with a Master's degree in Applied Positive Psychology (Anglia Ruskin University - Cambridge UK) and a LEGO® Serious Play® Trainer in Positive Psychology. A business coach and trainer for over ten years, she has worked on positive communication, intercultural communication and non-verbal communication in Europe and around the world. She is also passionate about positive education and has trained thousands of teachers in well-being and resilience programmes. Endowed with a wealth of experiences, ranging from actress to teacher, and following studies of "classical" Psychology, Lucy has also enriched her practice around management and communication by training in ethology applied to leadership and management, CNV and Design Thinking. Today, Lucy is passionate about the positive development and well-being of professionals in business and education, resilience, creativity potential, strengths, change management, and the design and adaptation of training courses, interventions and positive bespoke tools.  


Moreover, Lucy is perfectly bilingual in English and French.


Lucy's Strengths :    

           1. Creativity    

           2. Love of learning     

           3. Social Intelligence  








  • Positive psychology training
  • Positive education training
  • Lego Serious Play
  • Management and positive leadership
  • Strengths workshops
  • Creativity workshops
  • Individual or group coaching (teams)
  • Design and adaptation of training and tools of positive psychology
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Last updated 11/01/2018
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