Mindfulness Cards


How about taking some time to see the world from a different angle and be truly present in every moment of your life? Would you like to take each of your experiences as it comes, with open mindedness, curiosity and self-compassion? Are you ready to allow yourself to feel happiness, well-being and tranquillity from within?

Informed by multiple approaches to mindfulness practice and the science of positive psychology, these 60 Mindfulness Cards use specially drawn aquarelle images and concise instructions to initiate or enrich your mindfulness practice.


These cards have been specifically designed to support you along your mindful journey, from the introduction of mindfulness to deeper and richer practices in your everyday life, by providing a varied and complete toolbox with activities and practices for all types of people and degrees of mindful experience.

Amateurs of mindfulness, experienced professionals of this discipline and mindfulness trainers and facilitators would all find something valuable in this treasure box.

For beginners and amateurs: An introduction to mindfulness, and support when you don’t know where to start or where to go next. Each card gives you a detailed description of the exercise in question and how to practice it, as well as advice and tips on how to do so with greater ease and success.

For people experienced in mindfulness: To diversify and give additional depth to your practices. This pack contains introductory practices, but we have also included and developed novel and unique exercises specifically for an experienced audience. Little gems to help you try something new and enhance you practice differently!

For professionals (people in support and care work – teachers, coaches, trainers, etc.): This is a complete, fun and creative toolkit to support the facilitation and interventions with your audience and clients.

For beginners:

  • Choose 1 or 2 exercises that appeal to you to start with, ones you feel you can practice quite easily. Then give yourself plenty of time to complete them fully and well. This may take 1 to 2 weeks, or 2 to 3 months, it doesn’t matter. Only when you feel comfortable with these exercises, move on to new exercises and repeat the same process. In time your practice will become easier and feel more natural.
  • If you like a challenge, go for “A mindful year”: choose 1 or 2 exercises to practice for one week. The following week select 1 or 2 more. Continue this way for one full year. The challenge here is to successfully practice all the exercises in this Mindfulness Cards box within one year!

For people experienced in mindfulness, coaches, professionals, trainers, etc.:

  • Add new and original exercises to your practice in order to enrich your sessions.
  • Use the cards as a toolbox with your clients. Spread the cards out on the floor and choose – or allow your client(s) to choose – the exercise(s). You can also use these exercises as practice to be done before, during, or after a face-to-face session. An exercise may also be used as ‘homework’ between two sessions.
  • Identify your client’s need and select one or more exercises that are relevant to this specific need (work stress, anger, poor life satisfaction).
  • Integrate mindfulness exercises into your training sessions, meetings, seminars, etc.: Choose an exercise that is relevant to the topic, context and participants. The exercises that are indicated as individual practice can also be practiced in such conditions, each participant just practices the exercise individually.

Now, choose a card randomly and take that first step into the amazing world of mindfulness. Welcome!

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