Personal Well-Being lessons


This book in English offers practitioners working with 11-14 year olds a very concrete educational resource for giving personal lessons in wellness, reinforced by the results of scientific research in the field of positive psychology.

The book is divided into six main topics and six lessons per topic. This will allow you to organize a program between 6 and 36 lessons. The six key concepts of positive psychology for young people are: The Positive Self, the Positive Body, the Positive Emotions, the Positive State of Mind, the Positive Direction, the Positive Relations. The authors ensured that the lessons were easy to understand, conduct and organize and ensured that each lesson contained:

– The suggestion of a 60-minute lesson plan
– The step-by-step way of conducting the lesson
– A suggestion for personal work to be done when appropriate
– References and documentary resources

It is an essential resource for all teachers of all kinds, educational psychologists and youth social workers seeking to transmit a personal wellness program to the people they serve.

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