Special resilience pack for your couple


Take advantage of a 20% discount for the purchase of a special resilience pack for your couple!

Have fun as a family and boost your resilience to better manage the current situation thanks to our special pack containing 3 psychological tools:

  • Discover your qualities to be more comfortable with the Strengths Cards
  • Challenge yourself with fun with our Positive Challenges and Objectives
  • Find your balance and share your assets to go further in your relationship thanks to the Happy Couples Roadmap

This pack is composed of 3 games to boost the resilience of couples during the lockdown, thanks to positive psychology:

Strength Cards:
If I asked you to name your strengths, what would you say? Most people are reluctant to talk about their strengths and many don’t even know what they are. According to Professor Alex Linley, “a strength is a pre-existing ability for a particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is authentic and energizing to the user, and that allows for optimum functioning, development and performance”. In fact, the concept of forces is so central to positive psychology today that the knowledge and use of forces is considered one of the most direct paths to personal and professional fulfilment.

Research indicates that top students know their abilities and set goals slightly above their current level of performance, while low-performing students are unaware of their abilities and often set unrealistic goals. In essence, high achievers build their personal lives and careers on their talents and strengths. They learn to recognize their talents and develop them further. They find the roles that best suit them and invent ways to apply their talents and strengths in their lives. When it comes to weaknesses, they manage rather than develop them.

Research shows that simply identifying your strengths leads to increased well-being.

The 50 Strengths in the pack are a synthesis of all existing approaches to strength classification and cover the full breadth of our current scientific knowledge about strengths.

Positive challenges and objectives:
A set of Positive challenges and objectives is offering 84 positive challenges to challenge others or yourself, while developing wellness skills. Choose a challenge for yourself or for others, randomly or according to the mood of the moment, to follow to the letter, or not! To be played with family or friends, during a dinner or between two activities, to be handed out in a round, etc.

The Positive challenges and objectives have been created to activate the levers that promote well-being in a simple and fun way. They are organized in 7 categories under the acronym ACTIONS (the same as our Positive Action Cards):

  • Activity
  • Understanding & Creativity
  • Tranquility
  • Identity
  • Optimism
  • We
  • Satisfaction

Happy Couples Roadmap:
Build your relational intelligence and reveal your couple’s best resources by following this research-based logbook together.

Where do you come from as a couple? Where are you going together? The tandem metaphor used in the Happy Couples Roadmap, inspired by positive psychology tools and scientific research, captures the idea of travelling together and finding balance by adapting to each other. The couple is not static, its continuous dynamic requires regular readjustment. It is necessary to be active in your relationship and to communicate if you wish to maintain stability on the tandem and go in the same direction.

The Happy Couple Roadmap takes you on the path of the past, through the present, before focusing on the future to grow towards:

1. The past: Remembering the best of your past is the foundation of your relationship’s history and – more often than not – it generates satisfaction, accomplishment, pride, recognition and serenity.

2. The present : Welcome it and be active players. Play your best role to provoke joy, fear, calm, enthusiasm, pleasure, fluidity, etc.

3. The future: Dream about it, build your relationship and let yourself be carried away by optimism, hope, faith, trust, etc.


The answer is easy: anyone involved in a love relationship.

For couples who want to:

  • To have moments of complicity between the two of them…
  • Having fun together finding positive challenges for every day
  • Take time to tell the other person the qualities you find in him or her.
  • Remembering the best moments of our relationship
  • Look at their couple’s own strengths
  • Preparing for a bright future for two

Our advices :

The Happy Couple Roadmap is designed for repetitive use, provided whiteboard markers to be used.

Find a quiet moment that suits you to spend time together. Select one or more stars to consider (past, present and future). Give yourself a few minutes for each of you to think on your own, then write down your answers and share them with your partner!

The essential ingredients for exploration: care and kindness, respect, consideration, attention and authenticity. Prerequisite: be open to difference, and actually enjoy it! Maintain your curiosity to learn more about your loved one.

This exercise can take some time, between 30 minutes and 2 hours. It might be helpful to take a picture of your completed roadmap to review later.

Spread the cards out in front of you, choose at least 5 cards that you consider to be your main strengths. A strength should make you feel authentic, powerful and energized. Take a look at the description and questions on strengths on the back. Introduce yourself to your spouse with concrete examples of how you use these strengths (not just “I think I am a creative person”). It’s up to your spouse to make the presentation.

Next, name 4 other strengths for the other members of the group, giving concrete examples of when you saw them use this strength. This exercise is contagious; you will see the whole group naming each other’s strengths in a few minutes. It can also be very emotional.


Positive challenges for today: Do you want to do an activity with family or friends? – LET’S DO IT, LET’S CHALLENGE OURSELVES!

Each person draws a CHALLENGE card, either at random or from the cards of the colour of their choice. Each color represents a category: Activity, Understanding & Creativity, Tranquillity, Identity, Optimism, Us, Satisfaction
Each person presents his or her card to the others in groups of 4 to 6 people and everyone realizes the challenge right away.
Each person chooses a card for the person next to him/her and that person must complete the activity written on it.

Positive objectives for tomorrow:

Do you want to make a change in your daily life? Do you want to discover small activities to integrate into your life to improve your well-being – DON’T WAIT AND START NOW!

Each person offers an OBJECTIVE card to the person next to him/her. The person next to him/her must complete the task written on the card within the next few days. Each color represents a category: Activity, Understanding & Creativity, Tranquillity, Identity, Optimism, Us, Satisfaction.
For some of the objectives, you will need to prepare or plan for them. Write them down in your diaries.
If your group can meet regularly, the game can continue at the next meeting.


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