Special resilience pack for teenagers


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Have fun with your family and boost teenage resilience to help you better manage the current situation with positive psychology! Discover our special pack containing 5 games:

  • Discover your qualities to be more comfortable with the Strength Cards
  • Putting into words the emotions you feel with the Feeling Magnets
  • Challenge yourself with fun with the Positive Challenges and Objectives
  • Awaken the HERO in you to see the future positively with Positive Transformation Cards.
  • Integrate new positive habits into daily life with Positive Action Cards
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This pack is composed of 5 games to boost the resilience of teenagers during and after lockdown through positive psychology:

Feeling magnets:
Everyone deserves to understand emotions. We all have emotions. Imagine a world where everyone manages their emotions well. A world where people consciously respond to their feelings rather than reacting blindly. The first step is to know what you feel and to be able to express it in a healthy way. The feeling magnets will allow the exact identification of emotions, and will bring you, thanks to this articulation :

  1. Naming the emotions: take the time to observe your body, go through the magnets considering each emotion, choose the ones that describe the sensations present at that moment.
  2. Accept emotions: do not try to feel differently and do not judge emotions.
  3. Understanding emotions: there is a reason behind every emotion. They help us to survive and thrive.

Positive Transformation Cards :
These Cards will accompany you on a journey of positive transformation. They will summon and activate the attentive HERO within you – the one who is full of hope, confidence, resilience and optimism, the one who acts NOW!

Based on the theory of psychological capital from the field of positive psychology, and using a combination of poignant images, profound quotes and powerful questions, these cards will help you or your teen stop and think, listen and marvel, question and notice, find strength within yourself and take the next step.

Strengths Cards:
If I asked you to name your forces, what would your answer be? Most people are reluctant to talk about their strengths and many don’t even know what they are. According to Professor Alex Linley, “a strength is a pre-existing ability for a particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is authentic and energizing to the user, and that enables optimum functioning, development and performance”. In fact, the concept of forces is so central to positive psychology today that the knowledge and use of forces is considered one of the most direct paths to personal and professional fulfilment.

Research indicates that top students know their abilities and set goals slightly above their current level of performance, while low-performing students are unaware of their abilities and often set unrealistic goals. In essence, high achievers build their personal lives and careers on their talents and strengths. They learn to recognize their talents and develop them further. They find the roles that best suit them and invent ways to apply their talents and strengths in their lives. When it comes to weaknesses, they manage rather than develop them.

Research shows that simply identifying your strengths leads to increased well-being.

The 50 Strengths in the pack are a synthesis of all existing approaches to strength classification and cover the full breadth of our current scientific knowledge about strengths.

Positive Challenges and Objectives:
A set of Positive Challenges and Objectives Cards is offering 84 positive challenges to challenge others or yourself, while developing wellness skills. Choose a challenge for yourself or for others, randomly or according to the mood of the moment, to follow to the letter, or not! To be played with family or friends, during a dinner or between two activities, to be handed out in a round, etc.

The Positive Challenges and Objectives have been created to activate the levers that promote well-being in a simple and fun way. They are organized in 7 categories under the acronym ACTIONS (the same as our Positive Action Cards):

Understanding & Creativity

Positive Action Cards :
Sin & Lyubomirsky (2009, p.467) define positive interventions as including “treatment methods or activities aimed at cultivating positive feelings, positive behaviours or positive cognitions”.

Some intentional actions (or positive interventions) serve to increase and maintain well-being as well as other positive states (resilience, psychological capital…).

With the 64 Positive Action Cards, integrate new positive habits into your daily life:

  • Reinforce his well-being and that of his teenager
  • Develop your psychological potential
  • Possess a set of positive actions to be carried out in order to move forward

For teenagers (from 12 years old):

This pack meets the following needs:

  • Find out how to keep your teenager busy during the lockdown;
  • Helping them put into words the emotions your teenager is feeling;
  • Better know what his/her strengths are to be even more yourself and be boosted in his activities, at school, with friends…
  • Looking to the future with confidence, optimism, hope and ready to bounce back!
  • Have fun with challenges and objectives to do at home with your family!

Boost the resilience of teenagers to better manage the current situation through positive psychology!

It’s very simple. You look at the magnets and choose how you feel right now. Then you might want to choose what you want to feel, or what you think you might feel or what someone else might feel?

Simply finding the words to describe your feelings diminishes the power of your unpleasant emotions and anchors the pleasant ones. The unknown is more uncomfortable than the known. Once you know how you feel, you can use that information and take action.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the words. Sometimes you want to go further. But the first step is to know how you feel.

Spread the cards out in front of you, pick at least 3 cards that you consider to be your main strengths. A strength should make me feel authentic, powerful and energized. Take a look at the description and questions about strengths on the back. Introduce yourself to your family with concrete examples of how you use these strengths (not just “I think I am a creative person”). It is up to the rest of the family to introduce themselves with their 3 strengths (for children under 12 years old, prefer the strengths of the Strengths Cards For Young People)

Next, name 4 other strengths for the other members of the group, giving concrete examples of when you saw them use this force. This exercise is contagious; you will see the whole group naming each other’s strengths within minutes. It can also be very emotional.

The period of confinement requires us to be innovative about what we do. We sometimes wish to make radical changes to our lives, which are often doomed to failure. It is much more reliable to start with very small changes. Select a new action from the pack and plan how you could realistically start implementing it. Don’t worry if you can’t follow instructions or schedules to the letter. Instead, think about what you are able to do and the very first step you can take to integrate a new habit into your life.


Positive challenges for today:

Do you want to do an activity with family or friends? – LET’S GO, LET’S CHALLENGE OURSELVES!

Each person draws a CHALLENGE card, either at random or from the cards of the colour of his or her choice. Each color represents a category: Activity, Understanding & Creativity, Tranquillity, Identity, Optimism, Us, Satisfaction…
Each person presents his or her card to the others in groups of 4 to 6 people and everyone realizes the challenge right away.
Each person chooses a card for the person next to him/her and that person must complete the activity written on it.

Positive objectives for tomorrow:

Do you want to make a change in your daily life? Do you want to discover small activities to integrate into your life to improve your well-being – DON’T WAIT AND START NOW!

Each person offers an OBJECTIVE card to the person next to him/her. The person next to him/her must complete the task written on the card within the next few days. Each color represents a category: Activity, Understanding & Creativity, Tranquillity, Identity, Optimism, Us, Satisfaction.
For some of the objectives, you will need to prepare or plan for them. Write them down in your diaries.
If your group can meet regularly, the game can continue at the next meeting.

Research has discovered four specific psychological characteristics (optimism, hope, resilience and confidence) that increase our ability to deal effectively with problems, that lead us to use past successes as the basis for our thinking, and that enable us to project ourselves effectively into the future. The HERO model encompasses these four characteristics and has been defined as psychological capital, which is the state of positive psychological functioning of an individual that is characterized by : (1) persevering toward goals and, if necessary, adjusting pathways to those goals in order to succeed (Hope); (2) having the confidence to undertake challenging tasks and make the effort necessary to succeed (Effectiveness); (3) facing, overcoming and rebounding from problems and adversity, and even going beyond them (Resilience) to succeed; (4) making positive attributions (Optimism) to succeed now and in the future. Together, the psychological resources of Psychological Assets have a greater positive impact on life and work performance than its individual components. In other words, an individual who possesses high levels of all four characteristics also consistently scores higher.

Recently, a fifth element has been proposed as part of the model and the starting point for the HERO journey, that of mindfulness, the ability to intentionally pay full attention to the present moment. A conscious HERO is therefore someone who is able to be fully present in his or her present reality in order to move forward without fear of failure.

How can you find your conscious HERO within yourself?


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