Larissa Kalisch

Researcher in positive psychology

Having practiced figure skating at a high level, she had been coaching and accompanying young people since she was 17 years old, which allowed her to gain experience in sports coaching and motivation. She graduated in psychology in Fribourg (CH). In addition to her studies, she worked as a research assistant in the field of education with Emerita Prof. and Dir. M. STAMM, Bern. Upon arrival in Paris, she completed a Master’s degree in health psychology and integrated a research internship at the Marie Curie Institute in psycho-oncology. Contrary to her expectations, studies in health psychology were not sufficiently focused on the well-being and development of patients. As a result, she decided to pursue an international master’s degree in positive psychology where she found her happiness.


Dynamism, Compassion, Responsibility

Field of intervention:

Positive psychology

icone A Propos

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