Créer l’excellence

Petit-déjeuner et psychologie positive. Rejoignez-nous le 8 Juin et découvrez comment utiliser la psychologie positive dans votre environnement professionnel.

Créer l'excellence
Créer l'excellence

Positive psychology is a science of positive aspects of human life, such well-being, psychology of happiness, flow, personal strengths, wisdom, creativity, imagination and characteristics of positive groups and institutions

At the breakfast briefing Dr Boniwell will give an overview of positive psychology, paying particular attention to the recent exciting research findings, their applications to different areas of practice and future directions in positive psychology.   Dr Boniwell will share her expertise and explain how these findings are made into tangible strategies and actions to improve well-being and performance.

Organisations are identifying and nurturing new sources of creativity, autonomy and initiative in their teams by placing people at the center of the value creation process.   The briefing is especially suited to Leaders and HR Managers who want to learn new strategies to motivate their team members and keep them feeling valued.   The ‘how to’ knowledge necessary to create excellence:                            

  • to develop an informed perspective on the major debates and research findings within positive psychology;
  • to see how positive psychology can be applied to practice.

 Success of a business is clearly linked to the attitude of the workforce.

When : Wednesday 8th June 2016 from 8.30 am- 10am

Where : Franco-British Chamber, 10 rue de la Bourse, 75002 Paris.

Registration : here

with Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industrie

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