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Articles scientifiques & sélection de chapitres, extraits d'ouvrages universitaires

Ilona Boniwell est l’auteur et l’éditeur de 6 ouvrages. Son premier ouvrage best-seller, Introduction à la Psychologie Positive, a été traduit dans de nombreuses langues. Elle est aussi l’auteur de très nombreux articles populaires, articles scientifiques et ouvrages pédagogiques.


1. Pluess, M., Boniwell, I., Hefferon, K., & Tunariu, A. (under review). Evaluation of a school-based resilience-promoting intervention in a high-risk population in England: A controlled mixed methods trial.


2. Boniwell, I., Osin, E., Renton, A. (under review). Internet access at home and its relationship to well-being in deprived areas of London.


3. Grenville-Cleave, B., & Boniwell, I. (2012). Surviving or thriving? Do teachers have lower perceived control and well-being than other professionals? Management in Education, 26(1), 1-3.


4. Hefferon, K., Gocken, N., Painter, J., Davies, M., & Boniwell, I. (2011). The influence of community occasions on satisfaction with life and well-being. British Journal of well-Being, 2(7), 22-25.


5. Elston, F., & Boniwell, I. (2011). A grounded theory study of the value derived by women in financial services through a coaching intervention to help them identify their strengths and practise using them in the workplace. International Coaching Psychology Review, 6(1), 16-32.


6. Akhtar, M., & Boniwell, I. (2010). Applying positive psychology to alcohol-misusing adolescents: A group intervention. Groupwork: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Working with Groups, 20(3), 6-31.


7. Style, C., & Boniwell, I. (2010). The effect of group-based life coaching on happiness and well-being. Groupwork: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Working with Groups, 20(3), 51-72.


8. Boniwell, I., Osin, E., Linley, P.A. and Ivanchenko, G. (2010). A question of balance: Examining relationships between time perspective and measures of well-being in the British and Russian student samples. Journal of Positive Psychology, 5(1), 24-40.


9. Boniwell, I. (2009). Perspectives on time. Lopez, S. (Ed.), Handbook of Positive Psychology (2nd Ed) (pp. 295-302). New York: Oxford University Press.


10. Collard, P., Anvy, N., & Boniwell, I. (2008). Teaching mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) to students: The effects of MBCT on the levels of mindfulness and subjective well-being.Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 21, 323-336.


11. Popovic, N. & Boniwell, I. (2007). Personal Consultancy: An integrative approach to one-to-one talking practices. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 5 (special issue), 24-29.


12. Wesson, K. & Boniwell, I. (2007). Flow theory – its applications to coaching. International Coaching Psychology Review, 2(1), 33-43.


13. Boniwell, I. & Henry, J. (2007). Developing conceptions of well-being: Advancing subjective, hedonic and eudaimonic theories. Social Psychology Review, 9(1), 3-18.


14. Boniwell, I. (2005). Beyond time management: How the latest research on time perspective and perceived time use can assist clients with time-related concerns. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 3(2), 61-74.


15. Boniwell, I., & Leaf, S. (2001/2). Review of new developments in positive psychology, Consciousness and Experiential Psychology, 7.


16. Internet Access at Home and its Relationship to Well-being in Deprived Areas of LondonThe Open Psychology Journal, 2015. Ilona Boniwell, Evgeny N. Osin, Adrian Renton.





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